The Women behind your coffee in Rwanda

Excited to have my story on the coffee farmers in Rwanda published by #ViewFind, an exciting new online platform for in depth photojournalism. Enjoy the story and images.  There is so much more then we see behind each cup of coffee!

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Crossroads Rhode Island Website Photos

Crossroads programs in Providence and North Kingston, R.I.

#Crossroadsri is the largest homeless service organization in Rhode Island. They have been serving the most vulnerable populations in Rhode Island since 1894. It has been such a privilege to photograph for their annual report and website to help raise awareness and funds to continue their great work. Below are some images on the website from this year. Keep up the great work #Crossroads.


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Annual Report Photography for Rosie’s Place 2016

Honored to do this years annual report photography for Rosie’s Place which is a sanctuary for poor and homeless women in Boston. Founded by the amazing social activist Kip Tiernan in 1974 as the first women’s shelter in the United States.  This years theme was Voices.  From the clients, to the donors, the staff, teachers, and volunteers.  They are all the voices that make up the fiber of the incredible and important Rosie’s Place.


Yoga instructor Theresa Okokon teaching her last class at Rosies Place August 30, 2016

Yoga instructor Theresa Okokon teaching a class at Rosies Place







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My first interview about being a photojournalist


Ilene was recently interviewed by Catholic Near East Welfare Association (CNEWA) which publishes One Magazine. Ilene has worked for them for over 20 years covering stories throughout the world

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Guatemala inspirations

OXFAM WISE PROGRAM Guatemala 2015 -Carmen María Can Pixabaj: owner of a chicken business;

OXFAM WISE PROGRAM Guatemala 2015 -Carmen María Can Pixabaj: owner of a chicken business;

A A wonderful story on small business owners in Guatemala including Gloria Martina who owns a small company manufacturing leather sandals. She is on the cover of this issue that I photographed for Oxfam. The story is called Doing Business the Wise Way on p. 8. See link below.

OXFAM WISE PROGRAM Guatemala, 2015  Gloria Martina Chávez Mus: owner of Calzados Schel; maker and seller of shoes; loan recipient lives in Santa Lucia Utatlan, Solola

OXFAM WISE PROGRAM Guatemala, 2015 Gloria Martina Chávez : Shoemaker and owner of Calvados Schel


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Faces Behind Your Coffee: Photographs from Rwanda

Please stop by J.P. Licks in Jamaica Plain to see my new photo exhibit from my time documenting the coffee farmers in Rwanda. The show will be up until the end of December. And have some delicious fair-trade coffee from the Gisuma Cooperative while you are there. And of course their amazing ice cream!

If you click on this invitation below it will take you to a DropBox of more images from the show.

Invite final

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The truth seekers

Recent photo shoot in Guatemala for Oxfam America that I was honored to be part of. Coco McCabe was the intrepid writer who I spent the week with interviewing members of the community about corruption and what they did to overcome it.

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Ethiopian Jews Sigd Celebration Photography Opening

Ethiopian Jews Sigd Celebration Photography Opening

Here is a link to a video of my opening at the JCC in Providence ,R.I. of images I had taken over 26 years ago when I began my photography career.

Photography exhibit documenting the Sigd Celebration in Ethiopia and Israel.

These images are being shown with Israeli photographer Gidon Agaza who has been documenting this celebration in Israel for the past 13 years. The contrast of the same celebration in two countries is important. I was photographing the end of one journey for the Ethiopian Jews and Gidon the beginning of their new journey in Israel. The celebration has continued to be celebrated in Jerusalem and has become a national holiday as well

Ethiopian Jews

Ethiopian Jews

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Upcoming exhibit of my “vintage” images of Ethiopian Jews celebrating Sigd

 I am showing images from my first trip to Ethiopia 27 years ago when I began my project photographing remote and ancient Jewish communities. I happened upon the Sigd,  a unique celebration of the Ethiopians while in the north central highlands visiting their villages. This celebration is still being practiced in Israel. The other photographer showing with me is Gidon Agaza, an Ethiopian living in Israel who has been documenting this celebration for the past 13 years. Please see the invitation  when you click here.






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Welcome to my new photo and art blog.

young Cuban boy

Young boy playing baseball on the streets of Cienfuegas, Cuba

The upside of having procrastinated the launching of my blog is that I have many of my favorite images taken this past year to share with you.  Being new to this whole blog-o-sphere world, I welcome your comments, feedback and suggestions.  I hope you’ll come back and visit often.

I’ll start with my assignment in December 2011 to Cuba for a People to People trip through a travel company.   I was drawn to this colorful mural in Cienfuegas.   As I was photographing, some people would stop and wave and say hello, others were completely oblivious to me and my camera.  I continued shooting, and the interaction of the people with this street sign in the background started telling me a story of life in this small city located a five-hour drive from Havana.  One young boy came out from his house and started playing catch with his friend who was to my left. They entertained themselves for quite some time and would periodically switch places. They were so animated and enjoying themselves completely oblivious to me. Towards the end a couple from the group I was traveling with walked by. The woman retrieved a missed catch and gave it back to the young boy. He planted the cutest kiss on her cheek and hugged her. It was such a sweet moment.

Turns out I am returning to Cuba this December for both a family gathering plus another assignment.  I can’t wait to see what stories reveal themselves this time.


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